Archive management


All functionalities to manage, facilitate, and publish your collection or archive.

– Your files securely stored on Dutch soil, guaranteed for the future
– We stand for expertise and reliability
– We ensure availability, management, and training
– We assist you in every step of the archiving process

Our solutions are proven, certified, and secure.
No software licenses and installation, or specific knowledge required.
Additional or custom bundles available.

Need help with data that is not yet organised, or do you need a preliminary analysis? We are here to assist you!

Easy collection management

Archive management – Bronze 

Everything for your collection management.
Rate based on one account, 15,000 records, 100 GiB storage, 100 GiB data transfer, basic training & 8 hours support for 1 year.

€ 3.121,- / first year

 Suitable for one application
 Storage of digital materials
 Enrichment of metadata
 Publish online 
 Search the collection
 Download information

Combine archives

Archive management – Silver 

Do more with your archives. Rate based on two accounts, 300,000 records, 1 TiB storage, 500 GiB data transfer, 2 consult organizations, advanced training & 16 hours support for 1 year.

€ 12.353,- / first year

 Suitable for three applications
 Open Data Server publication
 Harvesting by third parties
 Limited access provision
 Independent application management

Getting started independently

Archive management – Gold 

Maximize the potential of archives. Rate based on four accounts, 1,000,000 records, 10 TiB storage, 1 TiB data transfer, unlimited consult organizations, expert training & 32 hours support for 1 year.

€ 41.827,- / first year

 Unlimited number of applications
 Escrow provision
 Excel import function
 Differentiated authorization
 Independent functional application management


Click on the topics below for more information.

Can data from business applications be included in the solution?

We have extensive experience with including business applications data in our solutions. Please contact us for more information.

Are connections possible with business applications?

Given the variety of business applications and questions regarding the desired method of use, we would like to discuss this.

What if I need different bundles than what the Bronze, Silver and Gold solutions are based on?

Different bundles can be applied based on your specific wishes. We are happy to offer you a suitable proposal for this.

What if my capacity bundle is insufficient?

Bundles can be easily upgraded. Contact us for the possibilities.

How do I know how many of my capacity bundles have been used?

You will have access to the Customer Portal where your bundles and usage are displayed.

Will I receive a warning if a capacity bundle is in danger of becoming full?

The current status is visible in the Customer Portal. In addition, we will inform you in a timely manner so that a suitable solution can be offered.

Can I export data?

Of course it is possible to export data. We will discuss your wishes during the design.

Can data be shielded to prevent exports?

This is taken into account when designing the solution so that this can be realized depending on the wishes.

Which export formats are available?

Data exports come in different formats depending on the intended purpose.

What file formats can I include in the solution?

In fact, all types of file formats can be included in the solution.

Which file formats can be displayed?

Almost all common formats are supported by our viewer.

What advice and support do you provide?

We offer a wide range of advice and support, ranging from personal guidance and strategic advice to functional or technical support.

How can I make an appointment for advice and support?

You can easily make an appointment by completing our online form, calling us, or sending an email to our Support Desk.

Are there costs involved with your advice and support?

The costs vary depending on the nature and extent of the support required; we also offer free initial consultations to assess your needs.

What can I expect during an advice or support session?

During a session you will receive personal attention from an expert, who will analyze your situation with you and offer practical solutions and recommendations to achieve your goals.

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